Manual S Spreadsheet Software

Manual-S is being required by many building programs and local codes these days. But it takes a good deal of time, as well as a solid understanding of the HVAC design process.

home energy partnersTftT is now offering the Manual S Spreadsheet software created by Home Energy Partners. Simply enter data found on the Manufacturer’s expanded data sheet and allow the spreadsheet to perform the calculations for you.

Here’s what is built-in:mans-speedsheet

  • You don’t have to interpolate capacity data based on your outdoor design temp. The sheet does it for you!
  • If your OEM doesn’t provide you with performance data at 75 degrees dry bulb and 63 degrees wet bulb (many don’t), our sheet will automatically adjust the capacities for you, based on the BTU factor you get from the table’s footnotes.
  • It has an excellent furnace sizing feedback tool.
  • It has rules built-in that reduce the possibility of entering data into the wrong cell and will give you a warning.
  • It has a link to the instructional video that explains how to fill out the form.

Choose one
1-System: Allows you to enter data for only one system per file. Perfect if you work with single-system houses.
10-system: Allows you to input up to 10 systems worth of data into the same file. Great if you work on larger houses.


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